Josef Bramer

Infeld Haus der Kultur
14. September 2019 to 17. November 2019

The Infeld Haus of Culture in Halbturn dedicates a personal exhibition to the artist Josef Bramer. He is regarded as a poetic loner in the Austrian art scene.

Josef Bramer paints in old master technique with meticulous accuracy without any loud pathos. As a graduate of Rudolf Hausner's master class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, he was given a precise description of the object and richly nuanced colors. Josef Bramer creates his silent but urgent messages with reliable skill and confident knowledge without submitting to fashion.

His paintings seems like an inner monologue. Quiet, self-contained, Josef Bramer fully fills his formats with tremendous perseverance.

He married young, his family means a lot to him, as the numerous drawings, sketches and pictures of his wife Vroni and the four children prove. Josef Bramer is shaped by nature, by the Alpine foothills of the Lower Austrian Mostviertel. Forests and trees are often motifs of his pictures. With the tree standing on a stage like a self-portrait, Josef Bramer gained international fame in the 1970s. This tree, an oak tree, is still standing in the town of Schauboden behind the childhood home of his wife Vroni.

Josef Bramer invented a special form of self-expression - his well-known main character "Kaspar". A fragile man with a critical spirit and combative attitude, "Kaspar" makes understandable what concerns and moves Josef Bramer, the artist, as a human being. He paints the man who desires to cope with himself and the world in which he finds himself placed, and copes with problems that are brought to his life during his life span.

The works are from the Infeld collection and from the possession of the artist.

Josef Bramer, „Kaspar“, Oil on Fibreboard, 1978

Josef Bramer, „Kaspar“, Oil on Fibreboard, 1978