Outsiders from the Infeld Collection

Not a dream, just an experience

Infeld Travelling Collection
21. June 2022 to 21. August 2022

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

The exhibition features the works of 38 artists from the first half of the 20th century to the present.

These include art brut masters, such as Adolf Wölfi, Jean Dubuffet, Gaston Chaissac, Scotti Wilson and Michel Nedjar, as well as the works bordering between naïve art and revolt against the petty bourgeoisie, such as those by Ilija Bosilj, Sava Sekulić, Emerik Feješ, Dragutin Jurak and Louis Vivin, and the ones by the two famous Viennese Actionists, Günter Brus and Otto Mühl.

With Oswald Tschirtner, August Walla, Johann Garber, Johann Hauser and Heinrich Reisenbauer, will be presentad also the artists from Gugging.

The exhibition provides a view into the history and selected individual poetics of the outsider world.

Fritz Koller, Untittled, 1993, Pencil Drawing on Cardboard

Fritz Koller, Untittled, 1993, Pencil Drawing on Cardboard