naive.? naive art from the infeld collection

Infeld Travelling Collection
10. February 2021 to 05. September 2021

Museum Gugging, Maria Gugging, Austria

The Infeld Collection includes Austria’s largest collection of Naive Art. Not only that, but it also encompasses positions that border on Art Brut, Self-Taught Art and Outsider Art.

The exhibition familiarizes visitors with famous Naive Artists, emphasizing positions from what is now the country of Croatia. An especially large number of “classic” Naive Artists established themselves there, particularly around the influential School of Hlebine. However, the show also presents works created in the Balkans and other European countries, where independent currents in Naive Art likewise developed in the 20th century. To complement all of this, naiv.? additionally focuses on captivating positions bordering on other stylistic tendencies, represented by singular positions like those of Ilija Bašičević Bosilj, Sava Sekulić and Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern. The question mark in the exhibition’s title alludes to the difficulty of any clear differentiation from these stylistic directions.

The exhibition was jointly curated by the head of the collection, Dr. Yordanka Weiss, and the artistic director of the museum gugging, Prof. Johann Feilacher.

Approximately 120 works by 31 artists are shown © NÖ Museum Betriebs GmbH, Photo: Ludwig Schedl

Approximately 120 works by 31 artists are shown © NÖ Museum Betriebs GmbH, Photo: Ludwig Schedl