Mara Puskaric-Petras

Ed. Peter Infeld Private Foundation, Vienna
1st edition, 1998
67 pages, numerous illustrations
Size: 27 x 21 cm, hardcover
Croatian/German EUR 10 (incl. VAT.)

Mara Puskaric-Petras (1903-1998) is not a typical Croatian naïve artist. Until here sixtieth year of life she led the life of a farmer's wife and housewife. It was not until then that Mara Puskaric-Petras began to paint. With a few exceptions she always depicts one or more pairs, there must be no one without a partner. This indicates on the one hand her positive, almost sacred view of the world, on the other hand it points to her own trauma of early widowhood. Her works represent an atmosphere imbued with love, warmth, and tenderness.
The catalog was published on the occasion of the retrospective of Mara Puskaric-Petras in Durdevac, Croatia.