Infeld Collection 3

A glimpse of the collection

Ed. Peter Infeld Private Foundation, Vienna
1st edition, 2003, exhibition catalog
237 pages, numerous illustrations
Size: 29 x 22 cm, hardcover
German/English EUR 30 (incl. VAT)

After two exhibitions in the State Gallery of the Burgenland, Peter Infeld showed selected works of art from his collection of at the Palais Harrach in Vienna in 2003. 

Here an attempt was made to pick a cross-section of representative works, how they correspond to the current taste of the collector, to take a snapshot, so to speak, and thus to bring to visitors of the exhibition the indescribable joy in the life of a collector.

A total of 200 works were shown from Austrian, Croatian and German artists such as Albert Paris Gütersloh, Arik Brauer, Ernst Fuchs, Rudolf Hausner, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Wolfgang Hutter, Anton Lehmden, Ilija Bosilj, Emerik Fejes, Tone Fink, Johann Hauser, Wolfgang Herzig, Alfred Hrdlicka, Horst Janssen, Franz Janz, Walter Navratil, Walter Pichler, Peter Pongratz, Arnulf Rainer, Franz M. J. M. Ringel, Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern, Sava Sekulic, August Walla.