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Infeld Travelling Collection
13. February 2020 to 10. January 2021

Museum Gugging, Maria Gugging, Austria

Nine works by Oswald Tschirtner are part of the exhibition in museum Gugging.

Oswald Tschirtner (1920–2007) create with a minimum of form and colour a maximum of expression. He drew “headfooters” - long human figures whose four limbs were equally long and had no body. The radical simplification distinguishes his works; he visualized objects in a minimalist manner, using only a few lines to represent buildings or landscapes.

Oswald Tschirtner wanted to become a priest and sought a degree in theology. This was not possible during the Second World War. He studied chemistry, but soon had to enlist in the army. After French captivity, he returned. Due to mental disorders, he lived in a psychiatric hospital since 1947 and at the House of Artists in Maria Gugging near Vienna from 1981 until his death. Tschirtner was introverted, connected only with his Bible.

Oswald Tschirtner counts amongst the most esteemed and successful artists from Gugging.

The exhibition can be seen until September 27, 2020. 

Oswald Tschirtner, „Praying people”, Ink drawing, 1974

Oswald Tschirtner, „Praying people”, Ink drawing, 1974