Johann Garber.! Tinkerer and master painter

Infeld Travelling Collection
06. September 2017 to 07. January 2018

Museum Gugging, Maria Gugging, Austria

Johann Garber has belonged to the Gugging Artists for four decades now. He has made a name for himself as an illustrator but also for “colouring” objekts such as his oversized ear sculpture in front of the RadioKulturhaus in Vienna and large parts of the House of Artists in Gugging.

In contrast to these large-scale multi-coloured works, Garber also produces meticulously detailed, fine ink drawings. Besides the landscapes as main motives, they are always crowded with many people and animals. Several of these ink drawings belongs to the Infeld collection.

Thirteen drawings from the Infeld collection become a part from the current exhibition in the Museum Gugging. 


Johann Garber, American / Russian, Line Drawing, 1988

Johann Garber, American / Russian, Line Drawing, 1988